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More Evidence For Removal of Police Chief Revealed

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More Evidence For Removal of Police Chief Revealed

Latest FBI report should make departure of Rob Handy a top priority

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Feb. 5, 2018 —In light of even more evidence, the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association, today, renewed its call for a new police chief. “First, it was a vote of no confidence in Police Chief Rob Handy taken by rank-and-file police officers on the beat,” said Dave Humphreys, president of the Huntington Beach Police Officers’ Association. “Next came the stunning vote taken by his own management team supporting an immediate change in the chief of police for his lack of performance as a manager, as a crime fighter, and for creating a toxic work environment. Now, comes more proof, the recently released FBI data showing Huntington Beach with one of the largest violent crime increases in California.”

The FBI’s Preliminary Semiannual Uniform Crime Report January – June 2017 is a lengthy national look at the numbers. The California-based Criminal Justice Legal Foundation delved deep into them and found, “Cities with the largest violent crime increases included Glendale (35%), Victorville (30%), Pomona (26%), Berkeley (22%), Garden Grove (22%), and Huntington Beach (20%).”

According to Humphreys, “The proof is there, as we have been saying for years. Crime is rising, the streets are dangerous, and no one is managing or holding accountable the top city law enforcement bureaucrat. The residents and a growing list of businesses and public officials realize Huntington Beach has a public safety crisis on its hands.”

Solving the problem, offered Humphreys, just as Anaheim and other cities have done, begins by removing the police chief. “The recently released FBI data should not come as a shock to anyone. It certainly didn’t to those of us who actually work fighting crime and patrolling our streets. We have been warning about the terrible turn Huntington Beach has taken for years now with Rob Handy’s ineffective policies, poor management and toxic and hostile work environment.”

Humphreys stressed the call for a new police chief is not just coming from his association but also echoed by thousands of new supporters, including Chief Handy’s own inner circle and senior management team—the association representing his own captains and lieutenants.

“It is so sad,” Humphreys said, “that his response to having 99 percent of his employees denounce his lack of management is to continue with his smooth-talk road show as if he’s running for office. His actions and lack of understanding were not good for Arizona or San Bernardino where he previously worked. We met with him for nine months and got nowhere after giving him the benefit of the doubt. We’ve waited and waited and heard nothing from him or City Hall.

“His response is to lie about the positions he claims we, the department employees and police association, have taken. Rob Handy distorted and fabricated the truth about our support for items we have lead with and helped lead, such as body-worn cameras, contract negotiations, or the accountability of rank-and-file police officers.

“He’s leading his superiors down the drain and taking our great town with him. We know the residents and voters don’t approve of his years of inaction, sitting back and letting items deteriorate. The evidence is incontrovertible. Rob Handy is a poor and ineffective manager and leader. There is a hostile and dangerous work environment in the police department and recruitment and retention continue to blunder. Experienced officers are choosing to leave early rather than work under such terrible conditions, which Handy has created. It must stop. It must change.”


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