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Huntington Beach Police Make Another 50,000 Calls

Contact: Dave Humphreys, HBPOA President
Office: 1-714-842-8851 | Email: hbpoapresident@gmail.com

Huntington Beach Police Make Another 50,000 Calls

“This town is slipping down the wrong path.” Chief must go, says officer

HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., Sept. 28, 2017 — The Huntington Beach Police Officers Association continued its campaign, this week, to educate, inform, and protect the public by making fighting crime the No. 1 priority at City Hall. At the heart of that goal is having a new police chief who could bring better management and accountability than currently exists.

“At the moment, there is no proper management from our highly paid, at-will employee,” said Dave Humphreys, president of the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association about Chief of Police Rob Handy, who, according to Humphreys, “is not doing what is supposed to be done and has lost all the support and confidence by his employees.

“Chief Rob Handy has a smooth, polished exterior to the public while smearing the very agency he is supposed to lead.”

In his three-minute phone message to Huntington Beach residents, Humphreys warns, “This town is slipping down the wrong, dangerous path. The rise in illicit drug use, crime, incidents against businesses, car thefts, burglaries and more are accelerating.”

Humphreys blames the city’s sharp rise in crime and violence — which includes seven officer-involved shootings this year alone – squarely on a lack of focus, priority, management, additional resources from City Hall and Chief Handy, who, he says, operates without oversight.

“He is a poor manager and has lost the confidence of virtually all of his employees. In fact, you may have heard that the Huntington Beach Police Officers Association took a vote of its members and a staggering 92 percent voted ‘No Confidence’ in Chief Rob Handy. That’s right, 92 percent!”

Monday’s phone message is the second this month. The first wave of the more than 50,000 calls was made September 18. Both have been supported by an email component and numerous other communications each week.

“We want our police department fixed and the public and our officers protected,” said Humphreys in the call, charging Handy with “poor management practices,” and pointing out “his lack of willingness to change is costing the city and taxpayers money, time, and loss of good people we will never replace.”

In additional comment, Humphreys said, “The Chief Rob Handy is running out of excuses why virtually all his employees have lost confidence in his ability to lead the organization. To blame his failure as a leader on resistance to body cameras, internal affairs investigations, and contract negotiations is patently false and a smoke screen to keep his job at the expense of the police department and our community.”

What is also becoming more apparent, added Humphreys, he is not held accountable for staff leaving, morale being virtually zero, problems festering and getting worse. “Chief Handy will not tell us what it costs to run the department and how we can help improve it. “He will appear at all major incidents, now, use the power of his position to raise funds for his charity, and attend charitable events to keep a phony appearance. But he is not qualified to continue as chief of police and his blank check to survive, provided by some at city hall, continue to damage the police agency and its mission to provide safety to this community.”


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